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Vocento, S.A., also known as Grupo Vocento, is the leading multimedia communications group in the general press market in Spain, with a 24.2% share of total circulation, thanks to its 13 leading dailies.


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Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Slow salary, broken furniture, horrible code, never die beast,..."


"They don't know what to do with the company. They are probably going to cut it down in pieces and sell it."

Current Employee - User Experience Designer says

"The working culture of several departments is sectarian. Low salaries. Little communication between teams."

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Poor management practices, low employee satisfaction."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is ruled by so many bosses that it seems totally unnecessary. Also, these bosses are close friends and will never blame each others for the outstanding mistakes they use to make. Managing in general knows nothing about anything at all. 90% of the managers just know about managing and not the area they are actually managing. They are also unlikely to listen to any kind of advice. Managing will not listen to the professional opinion of the workers and will try to decide anything they can: even if their knowledge about the subject is zero. This makes it very difficult for anyone to grow up in this company. May you be the best in your area: your opinion will not be taken in account, instead some boss will decide for you according to its own personal tastes and not to the actual needs of the product. The respect for other works is zero. It has a dictatorial structure where you are supposed to bow your head or leave."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaries are not consistent with the responsibility."


"Poor senior management, it is very hard to understand what are the company goals"

Head Creative UI/UX designer (Current Employee) says

"un grupo en trasformaron que todavía no conoce cual sera su rumbo, pero novia tiene peso en la vida socio politica del país"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"El trabajo es monótono pero muy extresante, el horario es complicado porque se trabaja por la noche y los fines de semanaFormación continuoLa conciliación laboral y familiar"

Redactor (Former Employee) says

"Un ambiente de trabajo excesivamente competitivo en el que se fomentaba el pisar a los propios compañeros y echar la culpa de fallos a los otros.SalarioPersonal, compañeros y jefes"

Editor becario audiovisual (Former Employee) says

"Por lo general, siempre se hacían los mismos trabajos audiovisuales repetitivos"

Executive Secretary - Personal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"o Reporting to the President of the Foundation and Vice President of Vocento Groupo Agenda management"